Thursday, April 12, 2018

March Dividend Income – $49.47

So March was a strange month for Dividends for me.  It was my highest month by far as it was time for (F) Ford to pay out and I’m “heavily” loaded in (F).  The emphasis on the heavily is almost laughable because my positions are still fairly small since I only started investing way back in April of 2017.  (F) also had a special dividend, so they paid me twice in March.  I also experienced my first stock split.  Well, I’m not positive if it was an actual split.  It was more like a bonus.  (BF.B) decided they would give owners an extra share for every 4 shares they had.  If you had less than 4 shares (like me), they gave you cash in lieu of.  Since I only had 2 shares, they gave me $28 cash.

(F) brought in $10.32

(F) also brought in $8.94 with a special dividend

(O) brought in $0.67

(XOM) brought in $1.54

(BF.B) brought in $28.00


  1. Nice work. Just keep building your portfolio and you will see the dividend income rise as well.

    1. Thanks SD - I'm slowly building and making progress.

  2. Congrats on getting your highest dividend income. I remember that part of the reason why I wanted to buy Apple was that it had, at that point, recently undergo a stock split and I always regretting not purchasing Apple prior to that point. Hopefully Ford picks up and ultimately becomes a worthwhile pick for you.

    1. Thanks DP. I'm still liking Ford and their Div has been nice.


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