Thursday, March 8, 2018

February Dividend Income – $2.16

I realized dividends from 2 positions in February.

(T) brought in $1.50

(O) brought in $0.66

Like January, It’s not much, but they all use dividend reinvesting, so the little money they bring goes right back into super small percentages of a share.  March is looking better, but only because that’s when (F) hits and I have the majority of my shares in (F) because y’all know I can’t keep away from it.


  1. SDM,

    It isn't much, but it is a hell of a start. Nice job right there. Each dollar helps and makes a huge difference and soon that $2.16 will turn into $20.16 and then in to $200.16!


    1. Thanks Bert. You always keep it positive!!

  2. Brian, every little bit counts. Eventually, these small numbers will snowball into larger numbers and beyond. Looking forward to seeing how March does for you. I'm a huge fan of both T and O by the way and have them both in my portfolio.

    1. Thanks Glen. I'm anxious to see these numbers jump up!! March was good. Stay tuned.


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