Thursday, March 8, 2018

February Dividend Income – $2.16

I realized dividends from 2 positions in February.

(T) brought in $1.50

(O) brought in $0.66

Like January, It’s not much, but they all use dividend reinvesting, so the little money they bring goes right back into super small percentages of a share.  March is looking better, but only because that’s when (F) hits and I have the majority of my shares in (F) because y’all know I can’t keep away from it.


  1. SDM,

    It isn't much, but it is a hell of a start. Nice job right there. Each dollar helps and makes a huge difference and soon that $2.16 will turn into $20.16 and then in to $200.16!


  2. Brian, every little bit counts. Eventually, these small numbers will snowball into larger numbers and beyond. Looking forward to seeing how March does for you. I'm a huge fan of both T and O by the way and have them both in my portfolio.

    1. Thanks Glen. I'm anxious to see these numbers jump up!! March was good. Stay tuned.


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