Friday, February 2, 2018

Purchases 11 through 15

Since I haven’t posted in a while, I missed out on documenting my most recent purchases.  They are as follows.

Purchase #11 – 12/8/17 – (F) – 10 shares at $12.61

Purchase #12 – 12/22/17 – (GSK) – 3 shares at $35.30
This is my first purchase into GlaxoSmithKline, but they’ve been on my watchlist for a long time.

Purchase #13 – 1/8/18 – (XOM) – 1 shares at $86.75
This is my second purchase of Exxon.  I’d like to add more, but can’t seem to stay away from the value of Ford.

Purchase #14 – 1/25/18 – (F) – 13 shares at $11.45

Purchase #15 – 1/31/18 – (F) – 9 shares at $11.05

What can I say, I like Ford!  I like the value and I think it will grow over time while they work on a few things.  I see them as being proactive and positioning themselves for future growth and change.

Is anyone scared of Ford?  I'd be interested in your opinion on my Ford purchasing.

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