Friday, February 2, 2018

January Dividend Income – $1.93

I realized dividends from 3 positions in January.

(CSCO) brought in $0.89

(O) brought in $0.64

(BF.B) brought in $0.40

It’s not much, but they all use dividend reinvesting, so the little money they bring goes right back into super small percentages of a share.


  1. $1.93 you got all because you invested in the companies once. Next time, it's going to get higher, and higher and higher. Both CSCO and O paid me in January as well Brian. Looking forward to seeing how you do in February.

    1. February is looking good so far. I already had a new position pop out some dividends for me.

  2. Guess what? You earned $193 without lifting a darn finger. The amount will continue to grow and add to your forward dividend income each month. This is where the fun begins. Keep at it SDM!


    1. Thanks Bert. February was about the same, so I need to start investing more if I want to see these numbers move higher.


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