Friday, January 5, 2018

Net Worth Update - DEC 2017 - $15,757

Below is my December Net Worth Update.  December was a simple month and not much changed, except paying for the medical debt I added to my credit card in November.  I've been following my spending plan and looking for ways to spend wiser.  I hoped to pay off all my debt by the end of December, but Christmas purchases had other thoughts. 


Checking Account
Savings Account 1
Savings Account 2
TD Ameritrade Account
Simple IRA
Land Cruiser
GMC Pickup
Total Assets

Bank Visa
Total Liabilities
Net Worth


Checking Account:  This account, for the most part will remain around $500, after everything hits.

Savings Account 1:  This account will remain at $1000

Savings Account 2:  +$200 – Same as November

TD Ameritrade Account:  +$270 – I added to it and realized some growth

Simple IRA:  +$434 – Payroll additions plus Company Match plus growth

Cars:  These values pretty much remain the same (KBB and Craigslist).  They have all but stopped depreciating.  These suckas be old.

Bank Visa:  -$894 – I've been paying this as quick as I can in hopes of having it gone by the close of 2017, but I didn't make it.
Overall – I reduced my debt by roughly $894 and added $904 to my assets for a positive change of $1798.  I'm happy with this, and excited for the upcoming changes this month when I bump my savings rate significantly.

How was you December?  How do you think I'm doing?  Do you see, or can you recommend some areas I should concentrate on to see better growth?

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