Friday, December 8, 2017

November Dividend Income - $0.64

Income - HAHA - November was Tiny

I don't feel like I even made enough dividend income in November to warrant a post, but I'mma write this shit out anyway so I have something to compare it to next November.  The only position I have right now that paid in November is (O) - Realty Income Corp.  I bought 3 shares back in the beginning of October.  Since this was my first purchase of (O), this is my first monthly dividend from them.  Their current dividend payout is $0.212 per share, so with my 3 shares, I received $0.64 from them that was immediately re-invested into (O), buying me a fraction of a share (.011) when the price was $56.7045 per share.

It's not much of a dividend because I only have 3 shares, but it's still more than zero AND, it'll keep happening every month now as long as I keep the position.  I haven't yet decided if I want to buy more yet.  I reckon I will, eventually, but I'm teeing up either more (T), (F), or (XOM) right now.

I hope y'all did way better than I did in November.


  1. To coin a phrase, the journey of a thousand begins with a single step. One day you're going to look back and remember where it all began. Those pennies will eventually turn into dollars, then tens of dollars, then hundreds of dollars, and hopefully, thousands of dollars. So keep at it. Routing for you!!!


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