Friday, December 1, 2017

Net Worth Update – Nov 2017 – $13,959

Below is my November Net Worth Update.  November was a simple month and not much changed, except adding the medical debt on my credit card.  I've been following my spending plan and looking for ways to spend wiser.


Checking Account
Savings Account 1
Savings Account 2
TD Ameritrade Account
Simple IRA
Land Cruiser
GMC Pickup
Total Assets

Bank Visa
Total Liabilities
Net Worth


Checking Account:  This account, for the most part will remain around $500, after everything hits.

Savings Account 1:  This account will remain at $1000

Savings Account 2:  +$200 – Same as October

TD Ameritrade Account:  +$134 – I added to it and realized some growth

Simple IRA:  +$751 – Payroll additions plus Company Match plus growth

Cars:  These values pretty much remain the same (KBB and Craigslist).  They have all but stopped depreciating.  These suckas be old.

Bank Visa:  +$512 – In November, I officially recognized my medical debt and paid them with my Visa to more easily control them.  I actually paid off the $775 from October, but then added about $1700 and then paid some of it to now reflect a balance of $1287.  This is my last debt and I'm hoping to pay it off by the end of the year.
Overall – I reduced my debt by roughly $1188 and added $1085 to my assets.  Though I added some debt, I still had a little growth in November.  I'm looking forward to the numbers December will bring and hopefully my debt will be gone and I get to start out fresh in 2018.  I reckon it's time to put some goals together.

How was you November?  How do you think I'm doing?  Do you see, or can you recommend some areas I should concentrate on to see better growth?


  1. Great job putting that much percentagely to your company’s IRA! Does it make you nervous at all to keep that little cash on hand though?

    1. Angela,

      It does make me a little nervous, but starting so late in age, I feel more comfortable taking this parallel path of saving/investing/paying debt, rather than the standard order of paying debt, then 6 months emergency fund, then investing. I'd miss out on too much opportunity sticking to the standard plan. My mindset in my spending has changed drastically, and I now have financial goals and a path I'm following to achieve them. I appreciate you stopping by and also commenting.

    2. You nailed the "personal" part of personal finance. There's no one size fits all approach to saving/investing/retiring/donating. If I were starting late in age I tool would have your same approach and focus on investing ie - growing a passive income stream and focus on debts etc. later. Do what works for you. Thanks for sharing your Nov. financial snapshot.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Keith. The parallel path I'm taking is working pretty well for me, and that'll all change (for the better) in January when I'm debt free.


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