Thursday, December 21, 2017

STOOPID, WEAK ASS GOALS - 2017 Goals review

LOL – I set some weak-ass goals when I set them up in October of 2017.  Granted, these were the first goals I have ever posted publicly, and likely the first goals I have ever set for myself.  But, what I did was set some of them so they were easy to hit.  What I have since learned about goal setting is that you should set them to a target that is right at the edge of hard to hit.  You shouldn’t set them so you’ll never hit them, and you shouldn’t set them so you always hit them or they’re easy to hit.  You want them right at the point where they exceed easy, but not so far away that you never even get close.  If they’re too easy, you don’t strive for better.  If they’re too hard, you  lose the motivation to attempt them or stick to them.

These were my end of year goals (starting mid-October):
  1. Increase my Savings Rate by a minimum of .1% per month.
  2. Increase my Emergency Fund by $1125
  3. Increase my TD Ameritrade contributions by $1125
  4. Pay off my personal loan ($1186 remaining)
  5. Finish at least 1 book per month
  6. Write at least 3 blog posts per month
  7. Add these goals to my Goals tab
#1:  WEAK AF – come on now, surely someone read that and laughed there asses off.  Next time, chime in – tell me that’s some weak-ass shit.  Of course I hit it without even trying.

#2 and #3:  These were actually lofty, but not too lofty.  I had 6 paychecks left for 2017 and I have a budget line for each of these at $100 per paycheck, so $600 towards each goal.  I came up with the goal of $1125 per by having an extra paycheck in December.  I only budget on 24 paychecks of my 26 paycheck cycle, so there’s an extra paycheck around summer vacation time, and an extra paycheck at Christmas.  Originally, I planned to use my Christmas paycheck to go to #2 and #3, but I am using it instead to pay off my Visa balance to be debt-free at the start of 2018.

#4 – Great goal and I achieved it mid-November.

#5 – Another great goal, but I FAILED miserably on this.  I am a reader, but when I got on the Verizon site to upgrade my internet speed, I was mesmerized that I could not only increase my speed, but I could add cable TV, something I hadn’t used in about 20 years, for less than what I was already paying for my slow internet.  It was the beginning of Hockey season, and I figured why not?  Well,  I haven’t watched much Hockey, but I sure am caught up on Velocity and HGTV.

#6 – Kinda Weak – I like to write, so this one was easy.

#7 – WEAK AF – I did it right after writing the goals out!!!


Though my goals for (the end of) 2017 were pretty weak, I am still happy to have them, happy to achieve some, and happy to learn more about the types of goals I can set for myself and do my best to make them happen.  I plan on making some great 2018 Goals!!!


How did you do on your 2017 goals and are you planning on some drastic changes in 2018???

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

SHIIT(ake mushrooms) - My Savings Rate Increased and I Didn’t Know

My daughter, who is away at college in Pennsylvania, FaceTime’s me just about every day when she’s either driving to or from school, or to or from work.  She’s not holding the phone, nor driving distracted.  She lays the phone over the tachometer area on her dash so I can see her and essentially uses FaceTimes as a speakerphone, only looking at the phone occasionally at stoplights.  Being 2 states away, seeing her makes my day.  She drives like her daddy and often expresses herself to other drivers, but lately she’s been saying shiitake mushrooms instead of some other expletive and it is pleasantly surprising.

Looking at my savings rate, that I haven’t updated since October, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I inadvertently bumped it from 12.6% to 15.6% at the end of October.  You would think maybe there’s a pay raise to report, but actually, there was a pay cut.  Prior to October, I was paying for (WICKED HIGH PREMIUMS, but cheaper than my plan at work) Health Insurance through the marketplace for my boys (my daughter was supposed to get health insurance with her employer - she ended up going a couple months without it) at $150 each per month.  My company went with a new provider at the end of October, and they were able to get new plans that had an employer plus children option where before the plan was per person.  So instead of paying $300 per month for my boys, and about $42 per month for me, I now pay roughly $350 per month for health insurance for me and all the children.  This $350 reduced my overall take home pay.  Since my savings rate is calculated on my take home pay, and I didn’t adjust my savings line or my TD Ameritrade line in my budget, I gave myself a bump in savings rate.

I like it.

I have some lofty goals for January to bump my savings rate significantly, so stay tuned and watch for my 2018 goals.

Friday, December 8, 2017

November Dividend Income - $0.64

Income - HAHA - November was Tiny

I don't feel like I even made enough dividend income in November to warrant a post, but I'mma write this shit out anyway so I have something to compare it to next November.  The only position I have right now that paid in November is (O) - Realty Income Corp.  I bought 3 shares back in the beginning of October.  Since this was my first purchase of (O), this is my first monthly dividend from them.  Their current dividend payout is $0.212 per share, so with my 3 shares, I received $0.64 from them that was immediately re-invested into (O), buying me a fraction of a share (.011) when the price was $56.7045 per share.

It's not much of a dividend because I only have 3 shares, but it's still more than zero AND, it'll keep happening every month now as long as I keep the position.  I haven't yet decided if I want to buy more yet.  I reckon I will, eventually, but I'm teeing up either more (T), (F), or (XOM) right now.

I hope y'all did way better than I did in November.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Net Worth Update – Nov 2017 – $13,959

Below is my November Net Worth Update.  November was a simple month and not much changed, except adding the medical debt on my credit card.  I've been following my spending plan and looking for ways to spend wiser.


Checking Account
Savings Account 1
Savings Account 2
TD Ameritrade Account
Simple IRA
Land Cruiser
GMC Pickup
Total Assets

Bank Visa
Total Liabilities
Net Worth


Checking Account:  This account, for the most part will remain around $500, after everything hits.

Savings Account 1:  This account will remain at $1000

Savings Account 2:  +$200 – Same as October

TD Ameritrade Account:  +$134 – I added to it and realized some growth

Simple IRA:  +$751 – Payroll additions plus Company Match plus growth

Cars:  These values pretty much remain the same (KBB and Craigslist).  They have all but stopped depreciating.  These suckas be old.

Bank Visa:  +$512 – In November, I officially recognized my medical debt and paid them with my Visa to more easily control them.  I actually paid off the $775 from October, but then added about $1700 and then paid some of it to now reflect a balance of $1287.  This is my last debt and I'm hoping to pay it off by the end of the year.
Overall – I reduced my debt by roughly $1188 and added $1085 to my assets.  Though I added some debt, I still had a little growth in November.  I'm looking forward to the numbers December will bring and hopefully my debt will be gone and I get to start out fresh in 2018.  I reckon it's time to put some goals together.

How was you November?  How do you think I'm doing?  Do you see, or can you recommend some areas I should concentrate on to see better growth?

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