Tuesday, November 7, 2017

October Dividend Income

October Dividend Income


October marks my third month of receiving dividends since I started investing earlier this year.  I made a tiny $1.25 of dividend income, but it’s higher than zero and my money is finally doing something.  Since I had zero dividends last October, it’s a huge increase.  I am excited to see what next October shows.

(CSCO) – $0.88 – This is my second dividend from Cisco.  I only have 3 shares, but all 3 of them make money!!!  I didn’t expect to see this dividend until November, but they hit early and posted in October.

(BF.B) – $0.37 – This is my first dividend from Brown Forman.  I have 2 shares and hope to add more to this position (if I can make a plan to purchase something other than Ford)

With automatic Dividend Re-Investment, my shares are not really growing that much because of the low number of shares, but they are growing and that’s pretty exciting to me.  I plan to keep going and keep growing.

How were your October numbers?  Did you see anything not expected?


  1. Way to go Brian. Actually CSCO paid me dividends as well in October. I really like the stock. It's ok that the amount is small because it will eventually snowball into larger and larger amount, especially if you also continue to add shares. Glad to seeing you diversify your portfolio holdings.

  2. DP,

    Thanks. I'm slowly diversifying, well, really, I'm slowly investing!!!



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