Thursday, November 16, 2017

Net Worth Update – Oct 2017 – $13,386

$13,386 - October 2017

This will be my first ever Net Worth “Update”.  I wasn’t sure tracking my net worth online, publicly, was something I was ready for, but I think now when it’s low, rather than later after it grows, is better information for any reader that stumbles upon my blog.  I think this look into my net worth and what I do, did, and will do, will be beneficial to anyone living on a single income.  Shit, it may even be beneficial to anyone in the DGI community.  I don’t expect my growth to be much at first, but it’ll be nice to see any gain, and it’ll be nice to have this and future posts to look back on as I move forward in my investing journey.  I plan on monthly updates and I’ll link them on my newly created Net Worth tab at the top of my site.

So, without further ado, here is my first official Net Worth posting.


Checking Account
Savings Account 1
Savings Account 2
TD Ameritrade Account
Simple IRA
Land Cruiser
GMC Pickup
Total Assets

Bank Loan and Visa
Total Liabilities
Net Worth


Checking Account:  This account, for the most part will remain around $500, after everything hits.

Savings Account 1:  This account will remain at $1000

Savings Account 2:  +$200 – I started saving again

TD Ameritrade Account:  +$330 – I added to it and realized some growth

Simple IRA:  +$498 – Payroll additions plus Company Match plus growth

Cars:  These values pretty much remain the same (KBB and Craigslist).  They have all but stopped depreciating.  These suckas be old.

Bank Loan and Visa:  -$800 – regular budgeted payments.  This was paid off in early November, but I added some medical bills to my Bank Visa so I’ll keep this debt going on this line

Overall – I reduced my debt by $800 and added $1028 to my assets.  October was pretty good.


  1. That's a nearly 16% increase in one month Brian. Awesome and congrats. I think it's good to track your net worth, even if it's not published. It's good to know where you stand versus where you want to be.

    1. Yeah, I like seeing it on my site. It's a pretty good motivator to keep it going. I'm liking the almost 16% too. Hopefully I can keep that going!!!!


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