Sunday, November 12, 2017

Milestones - Hitting the Small Ones to Catch the Big ones

From  British Dictionary definitions for milestone


  1. a stone pillar that shows the distance in miles to or from a place
  2. a significant event in life, history, etc

I like the the British Dictionary version of the definition, but I like to read it as a pillar that shows a distance FROM a place.  My place was a negative net worth, zero savings, and zero investments.  I made some pretty drastic changes in my financial life that put me on this upward and outward path, allowing Milestones to appear in front of me, and giving me the ability to walk right past them to see more.

I recently hit a big to me, but relatively small milestone since I started investing in Dividend Producing Stocks earlier this year.  Since my purchases are small right now, this Milestone is a big first for me.  I hit the $1000 mark (Market Value) in my TD Ameritrade account after adding a position in (XOM).  This is exciting for me.  I love opening the TDA app and looking at my balance, seeing some gains, but also seeing some losses, and also realizing some dividends from the few holdings I have.  This community is equally exciting, reading about everyone else’s daily lives, their big wins, and just their progress in general.  Most impressive is the support that comes from this community.  Everyone has the same interest in achieving something bigger.  Goals are made.  Goals are achieved.  Goals are supported.

I imagine for a while, my Milestones will be slow and low, but fear not fair DGI community, I plan on reaching more, and reaching further.

What was your first “big” Milestone?  Were you as excited as I am???


  1. Oh yes. My excitement was through the charts haha Congrats on crossing the milestone! It is the first of many, many more!


  2. Haha Bert. Thanks for the congrats. I'm ready to see another one!!



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