Thursday, November 9, 2017

I Don’t Feel As Excited As I Thought I Would After Paying Off My Personal Loan

Y’all remember that dang ol’ debt I’ve been working on???  Well, yesterday, I threw $400 at it after ensuring my checking account wouldn’t drop to an uncomfortable point.  Technically, that $400 was in the budget from my last paycheck and should have been paid to the loan on 10/27, but I spent a bit of Amazonian Budget Buster money on my beater cars and other stuff mid-October and I wanted to make sure I could make it, as in not spend any un-budgeted money, to the next payday.  I made it y’all, and slid the $400 to my loan yesterday, AND I sold a dining room set last night for a little extra pocket cash.  Since tomorrow is Veteran’s day, we got paid today instead, so I paid off the final $397.53 this morning.

The loan is gone, but I’m not debt free as expected and as hoped.  There’s no screams of joy, yet.  There’s no dancing, yet.  There's no celebration, yet.

You see, that, VERY painful, Kidney Stone ended up costing a little bit.  After Insurance finally kicked in their share, I was left with about $1700 in medical bills.  I’ll continue my budgeted line item of $400 per paycheck to tackle this last debt.





  1. And I'll definitely be there to rejoice with you Brian. But, awesome job in getting rid of one debt and you only have one more to go. You'll get rid of that debt in about 4-5 months and then no more debt! Man. I still have 20k to go to pay off my student loans and it's a daunting task. I wanted to contribute 2k per month, and I'm barely making $200 per month to the goal. So, it's gonna take me a little bit to get rid of that, but I'm still shooting for the end of the year in 2018 to be completely debt free.

  2. Thanks Glen. I hope to have in gone in 4 paychecks, though Christmas spending may push that goal a little to the right. Maybe your 2k a month isn't possible right now, but 200 is a good start. Just keep bumping it up from there. The end of 2018 is an aggressive goal. GET ON IT - YOU GOT THIS.



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