Thursday, November 9, 2017

Amazonian Budget Busters – When Beater Cars Desire Attention

My Beater Cars need love too.

In mid-October, the BMW had a slight miss on acceleration because of a misfire on cylinder #6, and I could have fixed it with a $20.46 coil (I love Amazon).  I decided instead I wanted six new coils, new spark plugs, and since I found a small amount of oil around one of the spark plug wells, I wanted to change the valve cover gasket and spark plug well seals also.  So my $20 repair turned into around $179 in parts (I love Amazon) and two hours of my time.

The Land Cruiser needed a new radio antenna because it was lopped off after catching a tree limb on a tight trail and I was sick of listening to the cd’s that were in there.  Since I’ve had it, ONE speaker worked.  I wanted 4 new speakers, so I bought new factory replacements for $40 that sound great (I love Amazon).  Back in my younger years, I would have spent more money on SPEAKER WIRE alone and spent insane money on speakers, amps, equalizers, and other such items for superb sound.  These cheapo speakers sound great and they fit in the stock speaker holes.  So total, I put around $58 into the cruiser to “upgrade” the stereo system.  It wasn’t needed, but it was wanted.

Blue, Baloo the Bear, didn’t need anything, but I wanted to upgrade the radio in there to be able to have an auxiliary input so I ordered a dash kit that replaces the stock radio (a funky non-standard size) with a pocket and moves the new radio (already have) to the center dash area.  The kit, with the matching color dash pieces, an antenna adapter, a wire harness, and the pocket, was only $26 (I love Amazon).

Since I have a slight addiction to Amazon, I also ordered some fire starter material, Fatwood (this stuff is amazing), a new harness for the girlfriends dog, new scooter wheels for my youngest boys birthday present and new front and rear brake pads for the girlfriends car.  I should invest in (AMZN) stock!!!

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