Monday, October 30, 2017

Purchase #8 – you guessed it, MORE (F) Ford

Purchase #8 – you guessed it, MORE (F) Ford


I purchased 9 more shares of (F) Friday night at $12.05 per share.  Honestly, I didn’t even know I could do such a thing.  I thought trading closed at 4pm.  Here’s how it happened.  Friday was payday and I transferred money to my TD Ameritrade account.  By closing time, the money was still not in the account, so I didn’t have a chance to make my purchase.  Late Friday evening, I noticed the money was there, well kind of there.  It was still pending, but it said it was available for purchases.  I set up a 9 share purchase with a GTC +EXT (Good Til Cancelled plus Extended Trading Hours) order for $12.05 per share thinking it would hit sometime Monday after the market opened, assuming the price dropped to that amount.  Well, a few minutes later after submitting the order Friday night, I was the proud owner of 9 more shares of (F).  I reckon it’s time to learn more about the stock market and after hours trading.

Did y’all know there was such a thing as after hours trading?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beat Up But Paid For – What Do You Drive?

Beat Up But Paid For – What Do You Drive?

Drive a beater if you want to get ahead.  Below are three examples of the type of car you could drive instead of having huge monthly car payments.

A huge factor in most working adults’ lives is the tool they use to get to and from work, shopping, or even playing taxi for their kids.  This tool I’m talking about is their vehicle.  Why do I keep calling it a tool?  Well, it is.  AND, that’s all it is.  It’s a machine made to accomplish work – a tool.  Whether brand new off the dealer’s lot or barely running and falling apart, it basically does the same thing.  When I was deeper in debt, I had a new Toyota Tundra pickup truck and two motorcycles along with a small credit card balance.  Those four items represented speedbumps ROADBLOCKS to my financial happiness and my plan to increase my net worth through a higher savings rate.  They were negative liabilities that kept my net worth in the RED.  With the associated monthly payments, I was living paycheck to paycheck with no chance of bettering my financial self without either:

1) winning the lottery (which I don’t play)
2) getting a significant pay raise (which didn’t happen)
3) making a drastic change in what I spend my money on

This drastic change was to get rid of all my payments and that started with selling the Toyota Tundra and getting rid of my $550 per month payment (I ended up saving another 150-200 per month in insurance and personal property payments also).  The motorcycles were sold and paid off soon after as well as the credit card.

In order to make this happen, I needed a paid for beater car for transportation.

I already had a beatup and well used 1991 Toyota Landcruiser that I paid $1050 for a few months prior (less than 2 months Tundra payments).  The Landcruiser has around 185k miles on it.  Because I like to have a little insurance and have a tool to get to work, I needed a backup vehicle.  Along came the Blue Beast pictured above, a 1994 GMC Sierra base model pickup currently with 255k miles on it.  Blue was purchased for $500 (less than 1 truck payment) – and yes it ran and drove great and doesn’t ask for much except gas and oil.

I did upgrade this year to a new daily driver and still have the Landcruiser as a backup (my 17 year old son drives Blue).  It’s a 2003 BMW 525i wagon with over 230k miles on it.  I picked it up for $3000 (less than 6 months truck payments)

All of these reliable, yet high mileage, cars require normal maintenance like any other car and they are way cheaper to operate per month compared to a new “reliable” vehicle with its monthly payment.  I work on my own cars, so my repair costs are lower than most folks with used cars, but even if I needed to use a shop for any repairs required, I still bet the overall operation costs would be lower than a new car.  I love not having car payments.  I love having a positive net worth.  I love using my paychecks to invest, save, and build wealth.

What do you drive?  How much is your payment?  How awesome is it to not have a car payment or how awesome will it be to not have a car payment?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Purchase #7 – MORE (F) Ford

Purchase #7 – MORE (F) Ford

I purchased 9 more shares of (F) today at $12.20 per share.  It doesn’t feel like much, but I only had a little to spare this paycheck as I’m still paying off debt, plus I went on vacation this past weekend and spent 7 times my (F) purchase in 2.5 days.  I don’t normally do this, but this trip was planned for a while and I promised my daughter I come up to see her boyfriend’s baseball game.  We had fun - It was a good weekend.

Friday, October 13, 2017


One of my daily reads, Dividend Diplomats, Lanny and Bert, recently posted their updates for their 2017 goals.  Their posts and blog in general are always inspiring and their goals are the same.  Their goals don’t only focus on finance, financial independence and purchasing dividend producing stock.  They also have some really great life goals, like house de-cluttering, learning a new language, travel, take a significant other out on a date, and even something so simple as drinking more water daily.  Well, I commented on Lanny’s post about picking up the pace on his learning goal and let him know he still had time to accomplish the task, while in the next line stating that I have a Goals tab on my page that has NO goals listed.

Having specific goals laid out, and also posted publicly, gives you a path to follow, like writing and following a budget.  It is your desired path.  I have been focused on removing my debt for the past couple years and it has been my main goal, but I’d also like to set some other goals, life goals, to keep my brain active in other paths.

So, here they are, my 2017 goals, starting today:

  1. Increase my Savings Rate by a minimum of .1% per month.
  2. Increase my Emergency Fund by $1125
  3. Increase my TD Ameritrade contributions by $1125
  4. Pay off my personal loan ($1186 remaining)
  5. Finish at least 1 book per month
  6. Write at least 3 blog posts per month
  7. Add these goals to my Goals tab 
Do you think my 2017 goals are reasonable and achievable?  How are you doing on completing you set goals?

Monday, October 2, 2017

Purchase #6 - (O) - Realty Income Corp

Purchase #5 #6 – (O) Realty Income Corp

Purchase #5 was supposed to be (O) – Realty Income Corp .  Well, I bought more (F) Ford with purchase #5 because I’m slightly addicted to it.

Purchase #6, a few hours ago, was finally (O), and I now have 3 shares of it and I’m excited to see the share numbers grow.  Since my GF moved in , my budget now allows me to start investing again after a brief break.  

I’ve updated my site to include pages for direct access to my portfolio (still under construction) and also my dividends, which shows the only 2 I’ve received so far.  (BF.B) – Brown Forman is supposed to pay today.  I only have 2 shares, so I expect a DRIP of $0.365, which won't buy much, but it's a start.

Net Worth Update – APRIL 2019 - $40,623 (+$2,234)

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