Friday, September 22, 2017

Quick Debt Update

Quick Debt Update

A couple days ago, with added interest, my loan balance was $3675.  I threw $400 at it on the 18th and another $1500 at it on the 19th.  The $1500 came from the boat and my decision to use the money for my debt, instead of putting it toward some other toy that would just sit in my driveway.  So today, I am down to $1575.  My Visual chart with all that green, representing cash thrown at the loan, makes me happy every time I see it.

What type of incentive do y’all use to help you, or remind you, to pay off your debt?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I got a 8.8% pay raise. Really, I got a Roommate. Really, I got a Girlfriend

I got a 8.8% pay raise.  Really, I got a Roommate.  Really, I got a Girlfriend

Either way you look at it, there’s more money in my budget and less money going out to bills.  The huge savings for me will be GROCERIES.  Groceries is one on my TOP budget items.  It will be interesting to see how much this one will drop.  Another added benefit to my grocery bill going down, should be my work lunch bill going down due to having leftovers from cooking at home more.  Hello higher savings rate!!!

This month has been straight chaos in my house.  My girlfriend is moving in.  We have been slowly moving her since she has until the end of the month to be out of her place.  We have been painting, decorating, spring cleaning, etc., essentially everything you would do when moving into a new house.  My house looks great and it stays clean (she owns a house cleaning business).

With more money starting at the beginning of October, I have decided to reverse my last debt/savings/investing decision and I’ll revert back to my investing plan .  October will see me once again adding to my company IRA and getting their match, putting $200 in my second savings account, $200 in my TD Ameritrade account, while also saving on groceries and other bills.  I expect my savings rate to jump slightly after my bills level back out and I see how much more I can save and invest.

Also, after some going back and forth to get the title straight from the previous owner, I have officially sold the sailboat that sat unused in my driveway.  I lost a little money on it, but I’m happy it is gone and the new owner loves it and will use it at his lake house.  

My last remaining debt balance is $3640 today.  I have about $300 to throw at it before payday this Friday and $1500 from the sailboat (if I don’t buy the camper I’m looking at this coming up weekend).  My $800/month debt repayment plan is still going and will continue until the debt is gone.
Expect a purchase of more (F) Ford or (O) Realty Income Corp as my next purchase, possibly before the new October pay increase starts.  I reckon I should see how (O) has been doing lately.  It's time to start investing again!!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

HOLY CRAP – It’s Happened Again – My SECOND Dividend

HOLY CRAP – It’s Happened Again – My SECOND Dividend

I was crazy excited to see my first dividend , and the excitement is equal seeing my second dividend.  Ford (F), who had been dropping like crazy in August, but has since recovered, had it’s ex-div date of 7/20/2017.  I had 27 shares at $0.15 per share, so I saw a dividend reinvestment yesterday of $4.05 which bought me another 0.357 of a share.  It’s so cool that this happens in the background, especially since I’m concentrating on debt right now and not investing .  I am pumped to keep seeing this happen and see my shares build, even if only fractional at this point.

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