Monday, August 14, 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy

Work Update

Work has been insane these past couple weeks.  I’m in the middle of transferring from prototype stage to customer demo/functional prototype stage and the demo has been accelerated by the customers limited calendar availability.  To make it more of a challenge, more components were needed, which changes the design significantly.  The only thing CONSTANT in Engineering is CHANGE!  I’ve been in work mode day and night and haven’t had a chance to write.

 Debt Update

Since my last post, debt-vs-saving-vs-investing , I have decided to do what I talked about.  I temporarily stopped my IRA contribution (missing out on the company match).  I stopped my stock purchasing.  I stopped contributing to my savings accounts.  I transferred $600 at one point to my loan, and then another $400 a couple days after that.  My balance is now, as of today, $4023.28.

I now have a visual chart (spreadsheet) on my fridge as a constant reminder of making this goal.  It has 5000 boxes to be filled in and I’m using a bright green highlighter to mark off the boxes as I pay down the loan.  It’s working.  It’s slow going, but it’s working.  My yearly budget (spreadsheet with columns of months) is also now on the fridge in wide open view, for all to see.  I always kept my finances private in my home life, but I figured if I’m posting most of my financial life publicly here, I might as well open up a little in my personal life.  Here’s to continued progress!

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