Friday, July 28, 2017

HOLY CRAP – My very FIRST Dividend

Alright y’all, I have some exciting news.  Looking at my TD Ameritrade account yesterday, I noticed my whopping 3 shares of CSCO was now a monstrous 3.028.  What?  How?  Well, it turns out I received my very first dividend.

I’m enrolled in TD Ameritrade’s automatic dividend reinvestment plan, so they took the $0.87 and bought “more” shares of CSCO for me.  I know it’s only 87 cents, but I am excited.  This is cool.  I’ve made way more on a $95 investment than I’ve made on my $1000 backup savings account that makes 1 big ol’ penny per month!!!  I know there’s risk associated with stock and none associated with my savings account, but I’m willing to take the higher risk for the higher returns.

I can’t wait to start purchasing more and watching the dividends come in, but in the meantime, I have re-focused my money to paying off my last piece of debt.  Seeing this dividend gives me more ambition to get this debt paid off ASAP.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Debt vs. Saving vs. Investing

My Investing Plan has been on my mind lately, mostly because my Debt has not decreased any since coming up with the plan.  It’s actually increased because of interest.  When I originally got  the loan, my intentions were to pay it off quick.  After selling the Honda, I immediately replenished my savings account, paid off my bank credit card, and put $1000 toward the loan.  Well, I made the payment on my bank app that didn’t allow me to specify where the payment went, so instead of paying off principle, the $1000 went to future payments and made my next due date November of 2017.  With the addition health insurance premiums for my boys changing my budget and my purchasing of stock and putting money in savings, I haven’t been making the loan payment since it’s not technically due.  (Due dates are good motivators)  The principle is accruing interest though.  I’ve been hoping the sailboat that is blocking my driveway would sell by now and I’d be able to make at least a $2000 payment to my loan, but I’m having so little bites on it.

It’s sailing time people – come buy my boat.

With the kidney stone, I didn’t buy any stock last payday, nor put any money in savings, nor pay my loan payment.  I’ve been waiting for the day to have ZERO debt for years, but this last 5k seems to be kicking my ass.  I have no motivation to get rid of it, but I want to get rid of it.  I’m thinking of pausing my work IRA contributions (and lose out on the company match) so I have extra money to throw at it as well as pausing stock purchases and contributing to my savings account.  Technically, if all money otherwise used for savings and investing is used for paying down the debt, my savings rate remains the same as it’s still money contributing to my net worth.  I have really enjoyed buying the few shares of stock I own, so maybe not being able to purchase more and missing out on my company IRA match will be exactly the motivation I need to get my ass in gear and be done with that loan – my LAST piece of debt.

A Big Ass Kidney Stone wins all focus

The beginning of July found me in the emergency room with SEVERE abdominal pain, cussing the local bar for the half-cooked burger I had the night before, thinking for sure it was food poisoning.  I don’t normally go to see doctors and I don’t have a regular Primary Care person, but the pain was sooooo bad, I let me girlfriend talk me into visiting the Emergency Room.  After a barrage of tests (blood, urine, chest x-rays, cat scan), it was determined I have a 6mm, almost 1/4”, Kidney Stone.  “Ouch doc, that’s huge – how am I supposed to pass that”???  They assured me it wasn’t big enough to do anything and it would pass naturally - HA.  They prescribed pain meds and some other med that would open the passages wider to ease the passing.  That was Friday morning.  Friday night, I was in no pain and decided to not take the pain killers so I could go out and hang with a friend from Arizona.  We went out again Saturday night with still no pain…..until about 1am after a night of drinking.  Holy Shit, it was the same pain I had Friday morning and stayed with me throughout Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  I was able to set up an appointment with a Urologist for Wednesday.  Needless to say, I was popping the pain killers at the prescribed intervals.  The Urologists’ assistant and the Urologist both had bad experiences with Kidney Stones and recommended a non-evasive ultrasound surgery to bust up the stone with sonic blasts and he was able to get me on the schedule that day.  Recovery was relatively quick, pissing a little blood and pissing little sand-like pieces, but not enough yet to equal a 6mm stone.  I think there’s still some of the stone in me, but I’m finally back to work, after a week off, and catching up on everything, including my finances.

Net Worth Update – APRIL 2019 - $40,623 (+$2,234)

Net Worth Update – APRIL 2019 - $40,623 (+$2,234) Here are my April numbers. Month: March April ...