Thursday, June 29, 2017

Purchase #5 – (O) Realty Income Corp

Below is what I am currently watching.  The top 3 on the list are what I currently hold.  The next 6 on the list are what I am looking at for my next purchase.  Wanting to diversify further, I’ve been looking at REIT’s – Real Estate Investment Trusts and was watching (HCP), at the bottom of my watch list, but (O) – Realty Income Corp has been popping up a lot lately on other blogs and in the news and I started watching it and researching it.

Realty Income Corp looks like a strong position to have.  They have been more than active for the past 20 years and they pay a monthly dividend (which is also something new to me as I thought dividends were always quarterly).  Their main focus is single-tenant commercial properties and they own over 4900 properties throughout the U.S. and have less than 5% vacant properties.  Should I be concerned with their P/E Ratio?  I still don’t understand this metric!


  1. Brian,

    Realty Income is popular on other blogs for a reason and, quite frankly, it's my favorite stock in my portfolio. I love the yield and the monthly dividend payout. While there will always be opportunities to buy the stock at a cheaper price, hopefully, an investment for the long haul will cure any mishap in acquiring the stock at a sub optimal price.

    I will let someone far more capable and experience explain the significance of the PE ratio. I am still learning myself. So, take any opinion of mine with a grain of salt (so to speak). But, based on my research, Realty Income is a solid stock with a solid dividend. No guarantees of course.

    1. Div Port, thanks for the info on O and I agree with you on it looking like a solid stock and I plan on picking it up next.


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